Wednesday kids’ activities

We wrote previously about Homework Club, which runs most of nights of the week at the moment. Well, Wednesdays isn’t about homework. It’s much more fun! Here’s the report from Felicity:


Some Lake Aiders and I had a really lovely time last Wednesday doing puzzles, colouring and reading stories. The kids enjoyed it too. There were around 15 children aged 3-9 of various nationalities including African, Kosovar and Bosnian. Some parents with babies and toddlers sat nearby and chatted with us. The atmosphere was very friendly and the kids were really happy to play! We noticed the girls were more into our craft activities than the boys, so if anyone has any mechano/lego/construction toys to donate, we suspect that might be more popular with the boys. Any other toy donations which might pique their interest are welcome, of course!

Felicity and other Lake Aiders will be going again on Wednesdays as regularly as possible, and this might be a nice, informal way for anyone interested in helping to get to see what Lake Aid is all about without the formality of helping with homework. Feel free to get in touch!